Corporate Governance: our definition

Corporate governance is about the way a company is managed and controlled. Corporate governance comprises an integrated set of processes, procedures, competencies and behaviours that aim to balance the diverse interests and goals of the various stakeholders. Corporate governance looks at how the board is made up and how it operates, the relationship between board and management, internal and external control systems, the ownership structure, shareholder rights and the market for corporate control. A good governance system creates value by balancing responsibility and accountability, and focusing on defining, assessing and monitoring overall enterprise risk. Good governance also creates a virtuous circle of transparency and disclosure.

"One size does not fit all"

Corporate governance models are based on a set of constantly changing laws and principles. They also depend on national and international customs and best practice. There is no single model of corporate governance that works for every company. Instead, each model has to be designed to fit the strategy, sector, size, ownership structure and history of the specific corporation in which it will be implemented. Aliberti Governance Advisors operates a highly customized approach in which the project, analysis and various steps are tailored to each client’s needs.